Friday, November 9, 2007

We can't lose. We never lose!

As predicted by one of my roommates mid-way through the second period, it seems that the Sens were due for a loss.

The Capitals were coming off a losing streak that put them in the basement of the conference, whereas the Sens were flying high off an franchise-record eight consecutive win. It appears that the irony cards were all lined up for a 4-1 Senators loss to Washington.

First of all,one has to question the decision to start Ray Emery in this game rather than splitting the home and home series against Boston between Emery and Martin Gerber, and then having Gerber start this one.

Is John Paddock trying to make Emery look bad? Watching TSN, it was stated that Emery was in a pissy mood in practice, and Paddock seemed fine with it. I wouldn't be in a good mood if some guy stole my job, but I suppose Emery's gotta live with it just the way Gerber did last year. The irony is fantastic.

Before the flood gates opened Emery looked strong in net, making a few key saves before the Caps' first goal. I expect him to win his next game as long as the Sens D doesn't throw him to the Lions.

On the first goal of the game my "impeach Redden" folder gained a little more evidence as Vicktor Kozlov beat Wade Redden to the puck, then made his way toward the Sens' net largely unaccosted. What do the Sens pay you for?!

Did anyone check out the Sens #1 power-play unit? They has Heatley and Alfredsson on the points! We don't need defence on the PP!

Volchenkov gets hit by a puck; this time it hurt

After being blasted by about 1000 shots from opposition shooters over the past 3 years, one puck actually found the spot (on his right thigh) where Anton Volchenkov was not dipped in the river Styx. Apparantly, the man, who I increasingly believe to be a robot, will be okay and attended practice the day after.
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