Friday, November 16, 2007

Sens end the trend of Buffalo role-reversal

There has been an interesting trend of role-reversals with the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators over the last two seasons, which the Sens did their best to end last night.

In the 2006 playoffs, fourth-place Buffalo defeated the first-place Senators in five games in the second round. In 2007, fourth-place Ottawa beat the President's Trophy-winning Sabres in five games. It was a complete role-reversal.

Getting to last night's game, Buffalo was 6-9-1 going in, and Ottawa was 14-2-0--exactly opposite where these teams were when they played on November 15 of the 2006-07 season. Amazing how much difference a year can make. While the Sens defeated Buffalo to begin their mid-season turn around last season, Buffalo couldn't beat the Sens this year, and have to continue their struggle to find an identity without Daniel Briere or Chris Drury.

Daniel Alfredsson had an amazing 800th NHL game last night, and made it even more special with a two-goal performance. Would have been great to see him get a hat trick, but it wasn't meant to be. Shean Donovan scored the game-winning goal for Ottawa, making all three of the goals he's scored on the year game-winners.
As has been mentioned in the comments section on the last blog entry, the NHL All-Star Game voting website is now accessible. You can access the site by clicking here, or on the link in the Player Tracker down the left side of the page. It's a great idea to run a write-in campaign for Martin Gerber as all-star goalie for the East, so let's make it happen!

In other news, The Gerber will play again in Toronto on Saturday. His work ethic is something else... according to, The Gerber was one of five players at an optional morning practice this morning, despite the fact that he played last night and is playing tomorrow. What an amazingly devoted part of the team. also said Ray Emery will get some action next week, either against Montreal on Monday or Buffalo on Wednesday. I have a feeling he'll play on Wednesday so that The Gerber can play the next night against Pittsburgh.
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