Saturday, November 10, 2007

Huet nearly beats Sens, Habs also attend

The Sens got some heroic goalscoring from Daniel Alfredsson and Chris Neil in order to defeat the Montreal Canadiens 3-1 in today's matinée game.

Martin Gerber looked relaxed and confident in his return to the net. He made several saves in the second period on shots that could have put the Sens away for good. However, the story of the game was in the Habs' net as Christobal Huet stood on his head in the second and third periods to nearly single-handedly win this game for MTL.

Some weird lines were whipped together for the Sens as Neil-Eaves-Schubert saw some action, as well as a weird mixture of the first two lines were present throughout the game.

Very smart (but kinda questionable) play by Alfredsson to draw a penalty shot mid-way through the third period. He practically threw his hands in the air before the Canadiens' defender touched him.

I now how a man with no emotions celebrates: he raises his arms in the air with no facial expression, as evidenced by John Paddock after two Sens goals in the third. That guy is so creepy... and tall - that just makes it creepier.

Tomorrow I plan to address the Ray Emery trade rumours that have been circulating the Sens blogs. My contention: BAD IDEA!!!!!

PS: I am aware that Huet is from France, not Quebec and probably would not swear like that.
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