Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sens dominate, then reciprocate

With a 6-4 win over the Thrashers, the Senators proved 2 things. 1) They are really good at hockey. 2) They're kinda dumb. After a game that seemed to teach Atlanta about how hockey is meant to be played, the Sens cut the effort and decided to let a couple of the NHL's most talented players have a crack at the scoresheet, and it almost cost them the game.

That's right kids, the Sens decided to let their guard down against Ilya Kovalchuk and Marian Hossa - not a good idea. A solid game by Ray Emery, his second start of the season, was almost spoiled by a ridiculously bad third period. I can't say that Emery was great, since he barely made one good save in the game.

Where was Dany Heatley? Although Daniel Alfredsson and Randy Robitaille had outstanding games, Heater was no where to be seen. Strange, as he collected two points in the game.

GM Bryan Murray is looking like a genius right now. Signing an obscure player from Russia who can fill in amicably on the first line.

Robitaille? More like what-a-Steal-itaille.

This game is probably just the result of the Sens missing some of that killer instinct, since they've only played 2 games in 13 games. But they've better get it back soon. Tonight's game aganist Atlanta is their first of 3 in 4 games.

I expect (dare I say it?!) #1 goalie Martin Gerber to start the next few games.
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