Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ottawa is an All-Star team

Damn straight. The Sens have more players on the 2008 All-Star Game (in Atlanta this year) voting ballot than any other team. And they might get all six in the game, if we flood the voting websites! Let's make it happen, Sens Army! I don't know how to vote yet, though.

The All-Star game could mark firsts for both Chris Phillips and, hilariously enough, Ray Emery. We've got such a good team that our backup goaltender is nominated for the All-Star Game.

No-brainers of the ballot are Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza, and Dany Heatley. The biggest surprise is Wade Redden who, despite Ben's hatred of Reds, might make another appearance.

So, if everything goes right, the Sens could have the entire All-Star Team starting lineup for the Eastern Conference, with three forwards, two defencemen, and a goaltender. That would be so awesome... I don't know when we can start voting, but I know who I'm going to vote for when the time comes.

No word yet on how many B-Sens will be at the AHL All-Star Game in Binghamton, but I would't be surprised if Denis Hamel (10GP, 6G, 4A) or Danny Bois (10GP, 3G, 6A) were on Team Canada or if Brian Lee (10GP, 1G, 8A), Alexander Nikulin (8GP, 1G, 6A), or Ilya Zubov (10GP, 2G, 6A) were on PlanetUSA.
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