Thursday, November 22, 2007

James Duthie: Icon

I want to give my unequivocal endorsement to James Duthie's weekly blog, The Good, the bad, and the Duthie. This man is hilarious and his blogs match, if not exceed, the laugh quotient of a good Ian Mendes blog (check out Mendes does McGuire).

Other goings-on in the Senators blogosphere: Everyone is working hard and catching a cold.
Regular readers will note that my posts have become erratic and tardy of late. This is both due to work requirements and illness. I hope that both will resolved soon. So pelase bear with me and I’ll get back into my groove and get some better quality posts happening.
-- Sens Fan in Toronto

I'm having the week from heck so I apologize that posting will be light this week. Please bear with me as my work-load is rather overwhelming right now and I'm lucky enough to have that coupled with the fact I haven't been feeling too great recently. The rest of the blog-o-sphere should keep you company though so check out the sidebar for all your bloggy needs.
--Scarlett Ice
Let's hope this isn't some kind of Heroes-like virus that specifically targets Sens bloggers.

Let me also assure you that Peter and I have neither jobs, nor reasons to go outside and get viruses. We'll be with you forever.
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