Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gerber to start back-to-back nights

I just heard that Martin Gerber is starting again Sunday in Boston. This is a surprise because he started just 24 hour before in Ottawa; I was expecting that Ray Emery would get the second of two.

A few theories: Maybe coach John Paddock is trying to give Gerber the opportunity to keep the starting job. Although he didn't play tremendously well against the Bruins on Saturday, he did make some saves to keep the Sens close when it was 2-1 for Boston.

Also, it's no secret that GM Bryan Murray is unhappy with Ray Emery's off-ice shenanigans. I don't know how I feel, but both Murray and Paddock are old-fashioned guys looking for players to play well and be low-key off the ice (and on it, as demonstrated by Paddock getting pissed at Chris Neil for his WWE style antics against Atlanta). It could be that the front-offiec folks are trying to find out if Gerber is really able to handle the number one job so that Emery becomes the expendable of our 'tenders.

What do you think? Whatever it is, Gerber has the number one job, and it's his to lose.
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