Saturday, April 12, 2008

B-Sens out, Nikulin recalled

With the Binghamton Senators officially eliminated from the AHL playoffs, the Sens have continued tapping their farm team's resources by recalling Alexander Nikulin as a black ace for the playoffs. With Nick Foligno, Brian Lee, and Cody Bass already taken from the B-Sens, it's no wonder they missed the playoffs for the third straight season. At least there was an improvement over last season; rebuilding a franchise's depth doesn't happen overnight. Look for the Sens to pick up a few draft picks this off-season to use at their home-town draft.

SputNik finished second on B-Sens' scoring with 50 points in 71 games for Binghamton. He didn't play much on his first stint with Ottawa, and it's mostly remembered for his 1-on-1 with Evgeni Malkin (he got smoked on it). I'm not sure where he'll fit in the roster if he plays a game, but it's worth bringing him up so he can be a part of the experience.

I would expect that after the B-Sens season finale on Sunday, a few more players might be on their way up. Goalie Brian Elliott is injured, so I doubt he'll come, but defenceman Larry Nycholat and forwards Niko Dimitrakos, Josh Hennessy, and Ilya Zubov all had pretty good years, and some or all could see themselves brough in as depth players.
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