Thursday, April 17, 2008

How did this become about Emery?!

Just a quick post here to make absolutely clear that everyone talking about how Ray Emery is somehow to blame for the Sens early playoff exit is absolute insanity.

The man hasn't played a game since February, and he hasn't made a peep since then. On Tuesday, no one wanted to talk to him. On Thursday, he's's lead story. It makes no sense! Sure everyone is talking about the crappy end to the season, BUT WHY AREN'T THEY TALKING TO THE GOALIE THAT WAS IN NET?!

"Hey, uhhh.... Gerber... how come you didn't win more games? ...was it Ray Emery's fault?"

Sorry. The logic doesn't follow.

A short piece at the end of the CTV national news cast even profiled him as some sort of distraction. And guess who they talked to as an expert... Bruce Garrioch.

I'm not sure if my partner in blogging Peter will agree to this, but I am THIS close to putting Garrioch on notice.
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