Thursday, April 10, 2008

Game 1 aftermath

I'm trolling the internet for some perspective on last night's game.

Good news:

  • Some say Martin Gerber's not playing too poorly. His remarkable glove save in the third period was Highlight-of-the-night-worthy.
  • Anton Volchenkov is probable for game 2. The shot he took to the face only caused a cut. When I was watching the game, I heard a fellow game-watcher say "orbital bone". I cringed.
  • Jim Hughson doing play-by-play for a Sens game?! I must have died and gone to heaven! Or Bob Cole must have died and gone to hell.
Bad news:
  • The Sens hardly ever win game 2. You'll hear all about that on Friday.
  • The CBC still (and forvever) has a man-crush on Gary Roberts. Despite being thrown out of the game in the third period, he was able to be tracked down for a post-game interview.
  • Cody Bass was born and raised to kick ass. I love the fact he's not afraid to take on anyone. He nearly jumped through a referee to get at Roberts.
  • Brian Lee had 17 minutes of ice-time. Pretty darn good for a rookie. He even hit people. Still not body-checking people: Wade Redden - 18 minutes of ice-time - $6.5 million.
I really wish the next game was on TSN. Damn Canadian socialistic public broadcasting policies!
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