Monday, April 7, 2008

Why I'm confident the Sens can beat Pittsburgh

  1. The lame effort the Pens put in against Philadelphia on Sunday; it means that when they don't feel inspired, Pittsburgh sucks. Chris Neil, get out there and cross-check Sidney Crosby all night long. He'll start bitching, there goes their confidence.
  2. We beat them last year; all they've got now is Marian Hossa - and we know how well he does in the playoffs.
  3. The Sens are tougher than last year; our team has gotten bigger and more capable to deal with a grueling series. Look at Martin Lapointe, Mike Commodore, and Shean Donovan - Ottawa sure could have used them last year.
  4. Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza; when those two heat up, it doesn't matter who they're playing with - even if Daniel Alfredsson doesn't return in round 1 - which, as I've previously stated, he will.
  5. Ray Emery - He'll be fired up when he starts game 3. Trust me.
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