Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crazy ideas be a-flying!

Bob McKensie: What went wrong in Ottawa?
Now the team can't rest all the blame on the on and off-ice problems around goaltender Ray Emery, but nevertheless, it was a big problem. about they can't rest ANY of the blame on him for these playoffs. You can thank Murray for that.
The idea of trading centre Jason Spezza or winger Dany Heatley is tough, simply because their trade value has lessened coming off a bad season and bad playoffs.
Anyone who dreams of trading Spezza or Heatley better wake up and apologize - there's no way we could get a good value for them. No... actually, I won't even entertain the idea. Won't happen.

Allen Panzeri - The End
The Penguins outshot them 14-5 and had so many good chances that Gerber deserved a first-star nomination just for 20 minutes of work.
Mr. Panzeri, you are mad. No 20-minute effort can get a first-star award, just like a solid 20 minutes can't win you the game. Maybe we should just hand him a Stanley Cup ring for "great effort!"
Whether he was the sole cause of the malaise - and it would be foolish to suggest he was - Emery will be the first casualty. His contract will be bought out as soon as Murray is legally allowed to do it.
Extremely presumptuous. Most members of the media have agreed that Emery should be bought out. Thankfully, they are not the general managers of this team. Like Eugene Melnyk, I trust in Bryan Murray.
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