Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What the shit is wrong with them? Ask Alfie.

The Sens blow another one tonight, losing 3-0 to the Canadiens at Scotiabank Place.

I guess they're as tired with the regular season as I am, but at this pace, the Senators won't see the playoffs at all.

In light of these facts, I am going to go ahead and do something that I don't think I've done in a long time: question Daniel Alfredsson's leadership.

The man who has become known in Sens circles as a Golden God because of his often heroic goal scoring, has been absent both on the score sheet and and in the media. Maybe he's inspiring his troops in the 'quiet leader' role that he has been labeled, but the on-ice results have been non-existent.

We've seen it before, in both the playoffs and regular season: the Senators live and die with their captain. With missing the playoffs now a scary-real possibility, I ask: Alfie, what have you done for me lately?
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