Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When the rage dissipates, the posting can begin

I feel as though I am the father of a child that must now repeat the fourth grade.

There's nothing terribly difficult about the fourth grade. Sure, you gotta overcome some challenges, but if you put the effort in, there's nothing to stop the average child from passing the fourth grade.

The Penguins are the fourth grade. The Senators are the disappointing child.

Through two periods, everything looked good. The Sens were re-energized by the triumphant return of Daniel Alfredsson, and they played like an inspired team for two periods. Every player on the Sens bench was trying to make a statement in those periods, and in the third period... I guess they forgot the words.

(btw: I totally called an Alfredsson round-1 return a full 10 days ago. EAT IT PROFESSIONAL WRITERS!)

What angers me isn't the three goals in two minutes, but rather the fact that the Senators gave up afterward. The team from the first and second period didn't return for the final 10 minutes of the game. Instead, Sens fans had to watch as their team waved goodbye to the series.

Who is to blame? Everyone. No one. By everyone, I include Martin Gerber. Some people may not want to hear it, but this game convinced me of how incredibly average he is. He makes easy saves look hard and that's his only selling point. I don't care what Bryan Murray does with him or his contract. Average is not good enough, especially for a goaltender in Ottawa.

I feel the anger rising again, so I had better stop typing.

Will I watch game 4? I don't know. Based on the third period of Monday's game, I don't think the Senators are looking forward to seeing it either.
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