Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seriously? We can't beat these guys?

Hilarious feature on Sports Illustrated comparing hockey players to their celebrity look-alikes (although not all are really celebrities). Some of them are hilarious, and some of them make me feel bad for the player (notably comparing Jarome Iginla to Mike Tyson and Alex Ovechkin to Richard Kiel).

And these two kids are who's intimidating our Sens? Come on...

Give me a break. Although I guess we're fighting back with at least one unfortunate comparison of our own...

Hilarious. Although they missed out on the Martin Gerber - Dominic Purcell comparison:

Alright, fine, this is just a distraction to help us forget about the Sens terrible loss. It's okay, when the Sens realize they're just playing against Andy Samberg and Nick Jonas (some kid in some band) and Martin "Dominic Purcell" Gerber breaks out of his proverbial mental prison and kicks some ass.

(Note: Propers to Kukla's Korner for finding this gem of a web page.)
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