Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A close one makes it 3 - 1 for the sens

Maybe there will be a bigger blog tomorrow, but for now let's just say that game was extremely important for the Senators. Ray Emery stole this game for us and got CBC's first star of the game, dispite hardly being mentioned by Bob Cole, who doesn't seem to know Ray's name.

Unlike in previous games, Daniel Alfredsson was not the story of the game. We got some offense from unlikely sources. The Senators' first goal was a fluke. It reminds me of a blog by Ian Mendes that stated simply the sens would be successful because they were due for some good breaks - and I think we cashed them all in tonight.

The second sens goal came off some good work by Mike "Best trade ever" Comrie, who got the puck out to Volchenkov for the shot. Later, Emery made the 1-goal lead stand.

...and Senators, please end it on Thursday. You need the rest, and the city of Ottawa needs the relaxation.

Playoff beard update: It's getting there... I'd say it's somewhere around the level of a Hollywood actor who's trying to show how casual he can be off screen.

...and a shiny nickel to the person who can name the movie poster over my shoulder!
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