Monday, April 9, 2007

First Round Here We Come!

I'm gonna make this short and sweet... no essays or facts here, just my calls. So let's start in the western conference, you know... the one i don't even care about.

Western Conference (Round 1)

Detroit vs Calgary

Calgary is riding into the playoffs on a 4 game losing streak!!! *Claps* And for once Hasek is actually healthy? I'm giving it to Detroit, they won't be upset two years in a row.

Anaheim vs Minnesota

Two teams I couldn't give less of a crap about to be honest, seriously. Anaheim wins easily.

Vancouver vs Dallas

If I had to cheer for another Canadian team it would be the 'Nucks all the way. And with Roberto how can you go wrong? I gotta give it to Vancouver.

Nashville vs San Jose

I'm not exactly sure how Nashville got into the 4th seed but I like Thornton in the playoffs, a LOT! San Jose will take it, but it might come down to a game 7.

Eastern Conference (Round 1)

Buffalo vs NY Islanders

Ha...haha...hahahaha...HA! Buffalo.

New Jersey vs Tampa Bay

Can you say boring hockey? Brodeur will not only put St. Louis, Lecavalier and the rest of Tampa's offense to sleep, but I'm sure everyone watching the game as well. So for not falling asleep, I choose New Jersey!

Atlanta vs NY Ranger

This could turn to be an interesting series but I really don't see the Rangers putting up much of a fight with Jagr sucking as much as he has. Cheers to Atlanta and Hossa!

Ottawa vs Pittsburgh

This will definitely be the tightest race in the East. Lots of offense, and hopefully lots of great goal tending, but I really don't expect that. In the end I gotta take Ottawa, or else I'll probably never be allowed to post here again.

So there they be... I know not many upsets in my picks, but seriously folks, do you really think the Islanders have any semblance of a chance? Cheers.
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