Monday, April 2, 2007

Now we play the waiting game...

Resting players is always a funny predicament - do you want your #1 goalie and your (supposed) #1 defenseman to be well-rested or red-hot for the playoffs? This is the boggling mindset of Bryan Murray right now.

According to Ray Emery will choose which of the final 3 games he will play, with Martin Gerber filling in for the others. Now, it appears that Emery will start against New Jersey tomorrow night - an interesting choice. Is this simply to intimidate the Devils? To show them what they will get when they face the sens? It's a gamble - resting Emery and beating the Devils would certainly give the sens a confident swagger if Ottawa does face the 4th lowest scoring team in the league. Judging by Rayzor's flair for the dramatic, I expect him to play at least 2 of those 3 games.

Wade Redden on the other hand will likely play only 1 of the 3 upcoming games as he is dealing with an injury (and some speculate this have been the case all season). We may see him in the final regular-season game against Boston - a weak team, and time off afterward to prepare for the playoffs.

The Senators have had many players step up in the absence of Redden's normally-solid defending. Christoph Schubert has been contributing both offensively and defensively for the sens this season and is one of the Senators many valuable cogs that keep the team afloat when Spezza and Heatley aren't scoring.

I have no idea how I'm going to pull off this !!LIVE BLOG!! on Thursday because my computer is in the room with no TV and I am not blogging from the radio. I'll have to steal someone's laptop... if any of my loyal readers would like to donate a laptop send me an email and I will love you forever.

BTW: Way to steal my blog Ian Mendes! ...but I'll forgive you because I love your monotonous reports from an empty Scotiabank place and your ongoing fued with TSN reporter Brent "Is that grey hair or just the camera?" Wallace.
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