Monday, April 16, 2007

Now we've got something to 'boo' about

Did anyone catch a time after a whistle that Gary Roberts or Sidney Crosby weren't bitching at the referee?

Now we've got something to boo about in Game 5 - Crosby being a whiny little girl... I'm surprized he can skate so well, wearing a dress all game long.

In the photo I think he's complaining about an offside, or about the fact that his team got whooped last game.

Big, huge, MONSTEROUS game by Daniel Alfredsson. The man has really taken charge in this series. I read an article in the Ottawa Citizen a few days ago about how Alfredsson has played in all of the Senators 80 (at the time) franchise playoff games. He is not only the team leader, he is their mirror. His success is the team's success, his faults are their faults, and when he is playing well, the entire team plays well.

I called on the second-liners in my last blog, and they came through for me. I did not mention Dean McAmmond specifically, but he was due.

Christoph Schubert is running around the ice, all the time, kicking maximum ass... and by the way, his hit on that Penguins player was no worse than the hit on Patrick Eaves.

On OTR today, they had a couple (4th line) Leafs players as well as Martin Biron and some other LA Kings player, and they all had a big hate-fest for the Schubert hit, saying that he should have been suspended instead of Radulov. WTF?! First of all, how about some differing perspectives OTR?! ...and secondly, if Eaves gets carried off on a stretcher without a penalty then I think you can let this one go (and Schubert DID get a penalty for it).

I also called on Ray Emery to have a huge game for the Senators, and he did. Including what I call a 'brilliant' and stopping a shot from 'point-blank range' to save the game for the sens. Fleury who? RAYZOR!
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