Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Know your enemy

It's coming down to crunch time, and if you're like me, you spend the sens off-nights watching the scoreboards for games that could possibly effects the Senators in the playoffs. Right now, there are only two teams that effect the Senators playoffs other than the sens themselves: New Jersey and Pittsburgh, so I thought we could look into what they're doing for their upcoming games.

New Jersey:
The laziest team in hockey is playing Philadelphia on Thursday and the NY Islanders on Monday. Right now, those look like wins to me - and I'm rooting for them too. If New Jersey maintains first place in their division then they'll play the 7th seed. As of posting time, that's the NY Rangers.

Everyone should know by now that I hate the Devils - not out of frustration or spite, like the Leafs - but from a pure spectator perspective, they produce the worst hockey games in the NHL, especially when both goalies are hot like in the last game.

Looking at the stats of Martin Brodeur, who is probably the only reason that anyone knows that New Jersey has a team, the sens don't want to play him.

TSN tells us we're supposed to fear the Penguins - but I can no longer trust the judgment of TSN, they thought that Tie Domi would make a good commentator. There's a rumor going around that the Penguins are too young to understand the pressure of the playoffs, and therefore they should be good... at.... them? I'm calling your bluff. This is bull.

Crosby's team plays Ottawa on Thursday and the Rangers on Saturday. If the Senators beat the Penguins on Thursday they will face Pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs, assuming NJ beats Philadelphia or the Islanders, or ties each of them - and I'd say that's a pretty safe bet.

Heatley needs two goals in these last two sens games in his Drive for Five-ty. I hoped he makes them - I would hate to put a #48 on his back.
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