Monday, April 9, 2007

It's kinda a big deal

It looks like the Ottawa Senators have resigned Anton "The A-Train" Volchenkov to a new 3-year deal worth 7.5 million.

My first impression was, 'sweet! Finally a deserving Senator gets rewarded for an outstanding season'. My second thought was 'what does this mean for Chris Phillips?' Will the Senators still pursue their supposed #2 defenceman when they just locked up a D-man who has arguably played just as well, but for half as much money.

On another note, the playoffs are here and the Senators are playing Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I won't even dress this weekend. No calls, no MSN, just leave me alone with the TV and my sens flag and I will be fed through an I-V feeding nutrients directly into my veins.

Sorry for the no-post for a long time - Easter weekend. The bunny brought me a small chocolate bunny to eat - only his legs remain.

...and in hilariously cruel news - the Toronto Maple Leafs did not make the playoffs again - and neither did the Montreal Canadiens. Hip Hip Nobody!
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