Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coach's Corner checklist

In preparation for tonight's game against the Penguins on CBC, I've prepared a checklist of what Don Cherry will do during the first intermission on Coach's Corner (in a rough temporal order):
  • Yell at least 3 variations of "Watch this," in reference to a clip
  • Use at least 3 onomatopoeical exclamations in rant about clip (e.g. bam, boom, pow)
  • Talk about Staal brothers for minimum 10 seconds
  • Shut Ron Maclean up by shouting "Lookit!" and then ranting about something nonsensical
  • Show pictures of most recent casualties from Afghanistan. If no recent casualties, show photos of recently deceased young hockey players.
  • Call recent casualties, "Beautiful boys" or, alternately, "lovely boys".
  • Get choked up and start crying.
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