Sunday, April 15, 2007

Game 3 preview - some corrections

This has to be the most biased game preview that I've seen in a long time - Pens and Sens take series to Pittsburgh.
Fleury was brilliant in net, stopping 34-of-37 shots, including a 12-of-13 in the third period.
Emery made 17 saves for the Senators.

I'm not sure about 'brilliant' I think that term warrants a little more more than two flashy glove saves in the third period.
Marc-Andre Fleury stopping Ottawa's Mike Fisher from point blank range with 13.1 seconds remaining.
Watching this game on TV I could see that hit the back of the defender's leg. So let's just call this what it is - a failure by the Senators to score - not a spectacular game, by an average goaltender.

Looking to tonight's game, we need to see that secondary scoring from the Comrie-Fisher-Schaefer line... that's right, I'm
calling them out! Spezza and Heater did have some success in the last game, but they can't do it themselves.

I'm also looking to Ray Emery for his stand-out game tonight. He's been solid so far, no weak goals, but we really need him to steal one for us tonight.

Watching last game's review reminded me what I really wanted to talk about in this blog, officiating. WEAK CALLS! QUESTIONABLE CALLS! BS (that stands for 'bull shit') CALLS! I don't think it dictated the outcome of the game, and the Senators had a crazy advantage in terms of power plays, but the officiating slowed down the game and made me angry!

Did I mention that Colby Armstrong is a little punk-ass bitch!? His goal in life is to injure Ray Emery on the ice. I think the Senators should respond the same way - yes people, REVENGE!
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