Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Game 1 Preview

I'm not going to make any bold predictions about how many games or who will score the most points, but I will say this: It's going to be an awesome, action-packed series. We dodged a bullet by not playing New Jersey - this series is going to be full of scoring, amazing saves and talented players.

But we'll wait for some post-game analysis and then let the real discussion begin. For now, let's focus on what we do know:
  1. Mats Sundin is not worth 7 million per season
  2. Players will go wherever they can get the most money when they're a free agent

Look at what TSN posted on their website earlier this week. Do players think we're dumb? Every player you ask EVER will say that they want to return to their current team - it's simply good PR... but honestly, we've seen it enough, it's a non-story. The funny thing about this is that Sundin has an extension for next season, but the Leafs don't want to pick it up. He got 76 points this season - that's a breakout year! Unfortunately, he's not turning 22 next year, he's coming up on 40.

...okay, enough Leafs bashing for now *couhgtheydidn'tmaketheplayoffscough*...

This whole underdog fight that's going on right now is pretty dumb. Coach Bryan Murray says the sens are the underdog because everyone (including the CBC in my opinion - you'll hear the evidence tonight) is rooting for Sidney Crosby and the pens. The teams finished with the same amount of points, and I would say that they both have their question marks going into this series, so let's just drop it. This sort of posturing didn't help Tampa Bay at all last year.

Chris Phillips re-signed with the Senators today for a 4 year contract - very cool. $3.5 million per season is fair I guess for a solid defensive player who got a career-high in points last year. Hopefully he and Volchenkov will be the defensive foundation that gets the team into the playoffs for another 3 or 4 years.

Watching the game tonight with Kyle (our famous other poster) and Nick, who has yet to post on the site. Should be plenty of fun.


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