Monday, April 23, 2007

Some pre-emptive call-outs

Now that PeteO's given you the in-depth hockey analysis, I want to focus on the Senators and the players that will (or should!) make the difference in this series.

Each of these players has accumulated 3 points, but have lacked the passionate spirit that has ignited the Senators this year. I will admit that they do have reasonable stats (in a series their team dominated), but I expect more - so I offer each of them some advice for the upcoming series against the Devils.

Peter Schaefer
- where have you been friend? This is the playoffs. With your new deal signed last summer, you should be kicking ass out there with your fellow 2nd and 3rd liners, but so far you've just been overshadowed; invisible.

Wade Redden - I've heard that you're injured. I've heard that you're addicted to cocaine. I've heard that you took your 6.5 million dollars from this year and trained a monkey to put on skates and play for you this season. The last scenario is, sadly, the most likely so far this season.

Chris Neil - You got one sweet-ass goal against the Penguins... what have you done for me lately? With the Mikes (Fisher and Comrie) playing such physical games, is there no one left for you to hit? Grab someone off the bench and punch them in the face! Make you presence known!

Antoine Vermette - Again, one (very Crosby-esque) goal, but with 15 minutes of ice time each game, the coach is putting some real faith in you. So either be a Spezza and get some points, or be a Mike and throw your weight around. But don't be a nothing.

So there you have it. I've called them out. Expect these players to have the greatest series of their lives - I guarantee it.
(Not an actual guarantee.)

Playoff Beard Update!
It's coming along nicely. It went from casual Hollywood actor to crazy Hollywood actor. Like Johnny Depp trying to show everyone how eccentric he is... I've been getting comments at work, home, and from the girlfriend. Apparantly, you can't have a bad playoff beard and a social life. Right now, I refuse to choose between the two.
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