Thursday, August 14, 2008

Antoine Vermette: The Hockey Card

Kind of random, but I happened to begin my "The Hockey Card" series with the Senators' two AVs, first Anton Volchenkov and now Antoine Vermette. Strange indeed. Here are a few game-used memorabilia cards of Vermette, starting with a rather unspectacular Bowman 'Premier Performance' jersey card.

The two cards below are a little more exciting. Especially the one on the left, which is a short-printed (092/245) two-colour patch variant of the card, meaning that it's got a piece of the Senators' crest (either chest or shoulder crests) rather than a straight-forward jersey swatch (as the right one, short-printed 068/650, has).

That's my Vermette collection. Soon to come: Daniel Alfredsson? Christoph Schubert? One of the two, anyway.

EDIT: Found a couple rookie cards I'd forgotten about. Might as well throw them on here, too. (I also added some RCs to the Anton Volchenkov post from a few days back.)

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