Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Rumour Mill: The worst it's been

Solid article on MVN's Senators Row about the ridiculous amount of rumours and rumour'mongers we're seeing regarding Senators' trades or signings this summer.

"All across cyber-space your ‘maniac’ Sens fans have been ‘chirping’ about some ‘buzz’ they apparently are hearing from their covert inside sources nestled deep within the Sens brass. The news in Ottawa is apparently slow this time of year, because it seems both print and radio outlets picked up on these stories and ran with them as if they were something more than what they actually were; rumors."

-Senators Row

It's amazing how quickly rumour sites are popping up. And I do love reading them, even if it's just to stare wide-eyed at how ridiculous some of them are. Not to lambaste all rumour-bloggers or local columnists, but some certainly do overstate (or simply make up) rumours just to get people to read their writing. Which is irresponsible, even if it is commonplace.

Here at Sens Army, we don't spread rumours. We discuss them occasionally, and discuss free agents that would be good pickups for the Sens. While discussing them, we make it blatantly clear they are rumours, and that we have no 'inside information' to speak of.
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