Thursday, August 28, 2008

Schubert's off-season

Christoph Schubert was interviewed by a German newspaper... umm... (?) about how his off-season is going, and what his expectations are for the coming season. You can read the interview in full, in German, on the website, but here's some highlights courtesy of Simon, an intermediate German speaker. The quotes are paraphrased:

  • On his salary: "For me, $900,000 is a good pay. Of course, everyone looks after their own money, but for now, I'm happy. I still have two years on this contract, we'll see what happens next time."

  • On playing forward and defence: "Yeah, it's alright. But now, I have a chance to play full-time on defence. That's what I always wanted. I said to the GM 'Please, make me happy and make me play defence more often', and he said 'Ok, you're right.'"

  • On his goal for this season: "Stay on defence the whole year. And show that I can be reliable there."

  • On the Stanley Cup: "It's obviously coming to Munich, if we win it. Every player gets 24 hours with it."

Schubert's earned a spot on defence, but he's so effective as a forward. I'll be happy wherever he plays, and he's a bargain at $900k for two more years.

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