Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The original Senators: The hockey cards

Longtime Sens fans or followers will likely remember the 1992-93 Ottawa Senators, no matter how much they try to forget about them. Over the course of the 84-game season, the Senators won only ten games, losing 70 and tying another four. The records that the Sens set for that year include fewest road wins in a season (one game), longest home losing streak (11 games), and longest road losing streak (38 games).

But, with some recent successes in mind, I feel that it's safe to look back on some of those memories in fond, humble self-deprecation. So here is the final instalment of The Hockey Cards mini-series (at least for the foreseeable future) with what I believe were the first cards issued of the modern-day Ottawa Senators' franchise.

Oh, the classics. Remember Jamie Baker (bottom, middle) and Sylvain Turgeon (top left), who finished second and third, respectively, in team scoring that season? It was the first and only time a defenceman (Norm McIver) led the Sens in scoring.

Then there's Rob Murphy (top middle), who had scored ten points in his career before coming to the Senators, and doubled that career-total in Ottawa. After his year in Ottawa, he played eight more games in the NHL, struggled in the IHL, and went to Germany for a bunch of years after that. Memories...

Also pictured are Brad Shaw (top right) and Darren Rumble (bottom left), but the most memorable of them all is the Polish-born goaltending phenom Peter (or "Piotr") Sidorkiewicz. Selected with the Sens' first-overall pick in the 1992 Expansion Draft, Sidorkiewick played 64 games for the Senators in 1992-93, and won eight of them. He sits seventh all-time in games-played among goaltenders, and eleventh in career wins.

How far we've come.
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