Friday, August 29, 2008

Excruciatingly Shitty Predictions Network: Redux

Sam Hansen of the Bleacher Report wrote a hilarious article about ESPN's Fantasy Hockey pre-season rankings. Aside from the hilarity, Hansen touches on two Ottawa Senators players which are ranked incredibly low: Martin Gerber ranked 370 overall, and Alex Auld ranked 368 overall.

I'm not going to suggest either Gerber or Auld are elite goalies in the NHL. I do think Gerber will do a lot better than people are predicting, but even if he continues playing as he has in the past two seasons, 370th OVERALL?!?! They suggest Bryan Berard, who doesn't even have a contract right now (although I'm sure he will), will be the 346th best fantasy value. And Brandon Bochenski (remember him? The pre-season wonder?) is 347th. Andrew Raycroft, backup Colorado Avalanche goaltender to Peter Budaj, is ranked 91 overall.

Whatever. I don't even care anymore. It just goes to prove what Sens Army Blog alumnus Kyle said about ESPN: Their name stands for the Excruciatingly Shitty Predictions Network. Hilariously enough, Hansen said something very similar, calling ESPN the "Exceedingly Stupid Prediction Noobs".
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