Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daniel Alfredsson: The Hockey Card

The golden god himself, my Daniel Alfredsson collection is next. Although I don't have that many game-used memorabilia cards (and those I do have are pretty boring), I've got a whack of rookie cards and some nice-looking base cards, too. (Just a note: If these posts are ridiculously boring and just waste your time as a reader, let me know and I'll give it a rest.)

First up are the rookie cards. I've put all six of them in the same photo, with time and computer's screen resolution in mind. My favourite is the top-left, and not just because he's wearing the Sens best-ever jersey style and the classic Jofa golf-ball bucket; I pulled a special Calder Trophy 'Award Predictor' card from a pack of 1995-96 O-Pee-Chee Collector's Choice (I think) with Alfredsson on it. When he won, I sent it in and received the set of Calder front-runners (and also the Norris ones, for some reason). The others are pretty basic rookie cards.

And below are just some base cards of Alfredsson, notable just because they're pretty nice. How did Upper Deck know that Alfie was a captain of tomorrow so early in his career, as they predicted in the left-most card? In the middle is his All-Star Game debut, and at the right is just a nice-looking Classic Portraits card.

Finally, the four game-used jersey cards I have for Alfie. The one at top right is a double-sided jersey card, with (regrettably, if also nostalgically) Patrick Lalime game-used swatch on the other side. The others are unspectacular because they're not patches, they're not short-printed, and they have extremely small jersey swatches. But you've got to fill out your collection somehow.

And that's my Alfredsson collection, aside from likely dozens of base cards that I've got. Including a bunch of doubles. In fact, if any interested readers would like to make a donation via PayPal to, I'll send out a few really nice Alfredsson base cards. All reasonable donations (in the dollars) will be rewarded with at least five cards (while supplies last), with all proceeds going towards buying Ben and me business cards so we can try and get media accreditation for Sens games. It's that easy, isn't it?
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