Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anton Volchenkov: The Hockey Card

Hey, I've got a collection of hockey cards. They're gathering dust on a shelf in my computer room. There are a lot of Senators in this collection. So why not scan them, publish them, and offer some comments on each of them? I can see no reason why not. So, without further adieu, here is a collection of Anton Volchenkov rookie cards, each featuring its very own authentic piece of game-worn equipment.

First up is a commemorative card from Volchinator's performance in the 2003 NHL YoungStars game, with a black jersey swatch of the sweater he wore in the game. Look at his fresh-faced smile, so young and unmarked by Evgeni Malkin slapshots.

Speaking of the YoungStars Game, I've also got a double-stuff card, featuring a white swatch of Volchie's jersey and a piece of his yellow Easton graphite stick, short-printed number 05/25. Definitely one of the highlights of my collection.

And then there's the 2002-03 UD 'Shooting Stars' insert set, featuring Volchenstein and a two-colour swatch of his jersey. The series name is a bit of a misnomer; he's more of a Shot-Blocking Star than a shooting star, really.

This card's not really special, the 2002-03 UD Honor Roll Dean's List jersey card, except for the fact that it's part of a set which I'm trying to collect in its entirety (including a Gordie Howe signature card of which, rumour has it, only nine exist). I've currently got 83% of the set, with the missing cards being the most expensive ones.

Finally, a couple of early-career Upper Deck Rookie Inspirations comparisons. These are two of a three-card mini-set, comparing Anton to both Ed Jovanovski and also to Scott Stevens. (The third card, which I don't have, has Volchenkov compare to Rob Blake).

And that brings me to the end of my Anton Volchenkov rookie card collection. I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as (or more than) I enjoyed filling time and struggling for content while waiting for training camp to begin.

EDIT: Found a couple of rookie cards to throw in with these game-used memorabilia cards. The top one's pretty cool, not your standard rectangular card, but it's die-cut around the Crown Royale lions.

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