Monday, August 25, 2008

Never ask, "Is there a game tonight?" ever again

(Gold is the Sens' schedule in November 2008, red is the Raptors - no overlap; perfect!)

I must admit that Google Calendar runs my life. If their server ever crashed, I would forget: to pay bills; to visit my parents; what to do at work; my name.

No lie: I have nine categories of my life being scheduled and tracked through my Gcal. Some are frivolous: "Heroes Premiere!" (Sept. 22 2008) and others are more serious "Exam!" (April. 15 2008).

One of those categories is "Ottawa Senators 2008-09 schedule". It's going to ensure I don't miss a Sens game all season - and I didn't even enter the dates.

Just google the above calendar in your Gcal search bar (search public calendars, then add calendar), and you'll be the one answer the headline question for uninformed chumps.

(Tip! Look for calendars that contain what station the game is on too. That makes the calendar much more useful.)
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