Friday, August 15, 2008

How EA's NHL 09 rates the Senators

Via Kukla's Korner, and filed under inane time-filling, is EA Sports' player-rankings for the upcoming NHL 09. Check it out yourself, if you're interested, but here are some interesting facts I noticed about the Sens' rankings:
  • Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza, and Dany Heatley all have offensive awareness rankings of 95. Meaning the line has a combined ranking of 285.
  • Heatley has a checking rating of 85. Mike Fisher has a hitting rating of 81. I guess they want it to be fun to play as Heatley, because he's miles behind Fisher in hitting.
  • Heatley has a slapshot accuracy of 95, so just set him up for one-timers and you'll win every single game--especially with Spezza's passing accuracy rating of 95.
  • Randy Robitaille is still on the Sens' roster. What? And he's higher than Dean McAmmond in checking; I don't think Ropes threw one hit all season. And he's apparently the Sens' second-best faceoff man, after Antoine Vermette.
  • Jason Smith is rated 97 at shot blocking, and Anton Volchenkov is rated 94. If that holds true to the real NHL, Martin Gerber will face roughly 12 shots a night, and the two defencemen (combined) will be among league-leaders in save percentage.
  • Vermette is the Sens' fastest skater, with a speed rating of 92.
  • Newcomer Jarkko Ruutu appears as advertised: Checking 87, Aggression 90, and Discipline 61.
  • McAmmond will, apparently, be the NHL '09 equivalent of the 'Skinny Player' in Ice Hockey from the original NES system. He's got a speed rating of 89, but his balance is a hilariously low 65.
  • Martin Lapointe and Luke Richardson are both apparently also back on the Senators' roster. Nowhere to be found are Jesse Winchester (who might be excusable), Cody Bass, or Brian Lee.
  • The biggest knocks on Gerber last year had nothing to do with positioning (which is rated 80), but were his recoverability (rated 80 as well) and his rebound control (rated 82). I guess they're basing his stats on other seasons...
That's all notables I see at the moment. Post any other hilarity you might notice in the comments.
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