Friday, February 29, 2008

"Atta boy, Fish"

Sorry we didn't write a game recap for the loss Feb. 28 to the Flyers. I hate SensTV. Almost as much as I hate Steve Downie. As penance, here is a video of Mike Fisher demonstrating some of the emotion that Bryan Murray was looking for when he reclaimed the head coaching responsibilities.

So... yeah. Dean McAmmond was right, "Atta boy, Fish."

In other Downie news, this guy's isn't funny, but he made one humourous remark:

"If someone ended Steve Downie's career with a Todd
-like thing, I would nominate him for the Lady Byng."

Good for the Sens. There were four things that Murray needed to accomplish when he jumped back behind the bench:
  1. Regain emotion: check
  2. Get a goaltender to play well: check
  3. Rebuild some semblance of defensive commitment: ___
  4. Win: ___

So... two of four. A good start for one game.

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