Thursday, February 21, 2008

Live blog - Sens and Bluejackets

Well the game starts.... AND OH MY GOD SECONDARY SCORING!!!

Cory Stillman opens the scoring for the Sens. Play started by Mr. Heart-and-Soul, Chris Kelly.

Now we're reminiscing about the worst trades ever. Yashin, Gretzky, and Luongo make the list.

Hitchcock - looks better with the Mustache or without? I vote with. He looks too happy without.

Where's Meszaros been lately? Has his time been cut down since the Commodore acquisition? Something to investigate at a later, less beer-related time.

Period 1 over. Antoine Vermette provides the least insightful interview ever.

Nick says 'hi'.

Neil injured? Who will kick ass for the Sens now? Well... Bass or McGratton or Commodore. The Sens have changed quite a bit in the past few years.

Period 2 begins

Nash nets a clean shot on Emery to get the Jackets back in the game. No one has questioned Emery's long term goaltending abilities yet... that's a good sign. Give it a minute.

After that deke, where Emery gave Vyborny the entire right side of the net, now we are questioning his long-term goaltending abilities.

Mezzy makes it 2-1

Andrej Meszaros makes it 2-1 on the powerplay, with a wrist shot from the blueline. Leclaire didn't look too good, as the puck hit him before trickling over the goal line.

End of 2nd

Did you guys hear that there's a goaltender controversy in Montreal? There's one guy named Huette and another guy named Who-ay, and they both want to get recognized. Thanks to Jamie for the heads up. You mean I've been insulting him this whole time? Good!

Start of the 3rd

Commodre starts the period with a fight against a random fight, which he wins.

5:30 Fedorov scores his ninth goal of the season which I believe was due to mass amount of illegal drugs, or talent, probably drugs though. He's terrible.

Ben predicts a 3-2 Sens win in overtime - Stillman gets his second goal.

Simon predicts 4-2 win for the Sens.

Vermette is on pace for a career high in points. I still think they should trade him.


Everyone agrees that Gerber is better at shootouts.

Who taught Volchenkov how to stickhandle? That was great! ...and Simon tells us that Vermette is teaching him how to speak English? That explains the 'Sens Burmy' fiasco.

Now the Sens are doing good work with zero seconds left in OT. Missed opportunity on the PP there.


Going with Alfie despite his miss two nights ago... dekes... did it go in?! No... balls.

Nash shoots blocker side on Emery and scores. Nick calls for a steroid investigation.

Vermette misses 5-hole. Balls.

Zherdev goes in on Emery and goes low on Emery. Game over.

I guess they should have put Gerber in.
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