Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Role reversal: Player throws the coach under the bus

Well, this is new.

In the Ottawa Sun today, Chris Stevenson quoted an anonymous player--presumably an Ottawa Senators' player--calling out head coach John Paddock for his coaching tactics. Speaking of apparent burnout on the top line, the player said, "I could have told you this was going to happen back in October".

Earlier in the season, Paddock has named players who he felt weren't performing well enough, calling them out in the media. It doesn't seem that he has been doing as much naming of late, however. On this blog, and especialy on Black Aces, we've mentioned that that technique is destructive and unprofessional, and it seems Paddock may also have come to that realization.

For a player to do so, even under anonymity, is equally as unprofessional. Maybe even more so; a player is supposed to respect the authority of the head coach, and not take digs at him. Especially not when it looks like the coach is on his way out. Approach him behind closed doors, approach the general manager and offer your criticism, but don't tell the media you how right you were and how wrong he was.

If Paddock is sent packing, or steps back into his role as an assistant, I wish him all the best. Even if head-coaching isn't his thing, he has had success and popularity as an assistant coach. And he's a nice guy when he's not behind the bench.
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