Monday, February 25, 2008

The Rumour Mill: Khabibulin and Ruutu

I don't like reporting on rumours from But this one, by Kevin Lee, is too funny too pass up.

The idea is that the Sens would send Ray Emery, a prospect, and a second-round pick (the same pick the Sens acquired in the Martin Havlat trade) in exchange for Nik Khabibulin and Tuomo Ruutu. While I wouldn't mind Ruutu, I seriously doubt that GM Bryan Murray would look to Khabibulin as an answer to the team's goaltending problems. Especially with Khabby's injury problems, as described on Black Aces quite well.

It would just be funny if Emery was packaged with Josh Hennessy and the aforementioned pick for Ruutu and Khabibulin because it would be like trading Havlat and Emery for Ruutu, Khabibulin, and Tom Preissing. Which seems like a solid deal to me.
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