Tuesday, February 19, 2008

JP breaks his own rule

Coach John Paddock has decided to go against his own rule of 'you win, you're in' with his goaltenders, opting to give Ray Emery the start tonight against the Flyers.

In a way, I think it's a good thing. I cannot remember the last time a cup-winning team went into the last stretch of the season without knowing who their number 1 keeper was going to be. In fact, the only example I can think of is that of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the year after they won the Cup. Said Lightning team lost in 5 games to the Sens in the first round.

I am still unsure who really is a better goaltender. But I think it is crucial for the team to rally behind the one guy and stop this pointless competition.

"Ray Emery will start tonight breaking John Paddock's rule of 'win and you're in', as Emery was the loser Saturday vs New Jersey. Paddock says neither goalie was happy with the arrangement and he challlenged them at practice on Monday to just go out and stop the puck."

Again, Paddock shows off his awesome diplomatic skills by using such well-weighed words... But it's the result that matters, and at the end of the day (and hopefully at the end of tonight's game), the Sens will be better off.
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