Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paddock gone, and Low goes with him

As you've probably seen all over the place, John Paddock has officially been fired. Something that wasn't predicted was the simultaneous axing of Assistant Coach Ron Low. GM Bryan Murray will take over as interim head coach, and there have been no announcements as to a possible replacement for Low.

This whole thing would have been better if the players would have worked with Paddock's system, because it's obviously nothing personal and I'm sure Murray would have loved to keep it the way it was.

No pundits have speculated future possible head coaches when the hiring begins next year. It will likely be candidates that were discussed before the Paddock hiring, including Kevin Dineen and Randy Cunneyworth. And, although I really don't like him, you have to think Bob Hartley is a possible shit-disturber to come in next season.

In the meantime, though, Murray is jumping back there. A lot of the players are probably happy to have him back, and move back to the style that worked so well last season. One thing that really helps Murray is that he's built this team to his own liking; it may have been a failing of Murray to pick up players suited to his own style instead of ones that would have fit Paddock's style. But now that Murray's back there, nothing matters.

Murray's long-term intention will probably be to reinstate a game plan to use the Sens' skill and speed in a 2-1-2 system, where two forwards forecheck and the third hangs bck to support the defence. It will simultaneously allow defenders to take the chances that they were able to take last season. In the meantime, though, it might not be a bad idea to play a trapping 1-2-2 system to get the Sens out of the funk we're in. I guess we'll find out soon, though.

Note to NHL teams: watch out.

EDIT: Apparently Paddock has also been given the opportunity to remain with the organization, and will take some time (until the season is over) to consider his options. It is uncertain at this time what type of opportunity it would be, whether as an assistant, an AHL coach, a scout, or if it is simply a formality that Paddock will simply not take that opportunity. More will come in the future, I'm sure.
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