Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mike Commodore, media darling

It's no wonder why this guy has been so popular everywhere he's played. In the few days since the Sens picked him up, Mike Commodore has been all over the place. An in-game interview in his first game with the team, front-page story in the Ottawa Sun, stories in the Ottawa Citizen, and I just heard him on More On Sports Thursday afternoon.

Since he was traded for Joe Corvo, who never denied his hostility towards the media (and who can blame him), it must be a welcome change for Ottawa's sports pundits to have a guy who seems to seek out the media attention. Corvo's choices were his own, and the spotlight was an understandable reason for him wanting a change, but Commodore seems to be just the opposite.

Even without the media exposure I'm sure fans would start to love his style of play, but with his near omnipresence in print or on the radio, he'll be a fan-favourite in no time flat. Count on the Sens re-signing him and merchandise sales--bathrobes, red wigs, Commodore 44 jerseys, and who know what else--immediately offsetting whatever salary he makes. Maybe it's just a coincidence that he's played with four of the league's reddest teams this side of the Red Wings (New Jersey, Calgary, Carolina, and now Ottawa), but with his grizzly beard and afro, Commodore gives 'going red' in the playoffs a whole new meaning.

EDIT: What the hell? If this photo on is any indication, Commodore has gone against what he said he'd do and cut his hair mid-season. Terrible omen, Sens fans...
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