Friday, February 8, 2008

Untitled (The Ottawa Heatlators)

Thank you, Dany Heatley. You are our saviour.

Heater scored the Sens' first goal, getting Ottawa back in a game we had no business being in, and then scored the game-winner in the third period to help break Ottawa's three-game losing streak. Plus he got an assist. Plus he reinvigorated Jason Spezza, who scored three assists against the Panthers. You could see how happy Spetzky was in his post-game interviews. Just wait until Daniel Alfredsson returns.

You know what else was nice to see? A goalie keep the Sens in the game. Ray Emery had a solid first period, stopping 15 of 16 shots. Then there was the second period... not as good. But it was mostly bad luck, or a lack of help from his defence (I'm looking at you, Andrej Meszaros). Rayzor bounced back in the third and made some key saves, especially later on. Is this the time he picks up his game, takes the starting reigns, and runs with them? Here's hoping, because someone's got to.
Also newsworthy is the Phillips Mojo: after the win, the Senators are 34-4-5 in games when Chris Phillips scores a goal. That's a .790 winning percentage, and 73 of a possible 86 points. Get this man the puck more often.

Anyway, a 5-4 victory. It wasn't pretty, but it was two all-important points. Especially important because both the Wings and the Habs lost last night. Awesome.
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