Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sens Super Skills Competition (CONTEST!)

I wish I wasn't working on Sunday, Feb. 10, because then I could go to the Sens Super Skills Competition. Which could be fun. One thing that will be hilarious, though, is hearing Stuntman Stu announce these corporate bitch-names for all the events:
  • Microsoft Puck Control Relay – observe players illustrating versatility in stick-handling
  • Esso On the Run Fastest Skater – see players showcasing their speed on skates
  • Holiday Inn Select Hardest Shot – hear the power of an NHL slapshot
  • Danone Accuracy Shooting - find out which player shoots with precision
  • Juniper Networks PowerPlay Challenge – watch as players execute the 3-on-1 to perfection
  • Scotiabank Breakaway Relay – observe which players demonstrate winning teamwork
Awesome. I wonder how much money that brought in. For personal interest, here are the way the teams will break down, for anyone interested in checking out the event:
  • Team Red: Martin Gerber, Daniel Alfredsson, Luke Richardson, Chris Phillips, Shean Donovan, Mike Fisher, Andrej Meszaros, Dany Heatley, Chris Kelly, Chris Neil, Dean McAmmond, Ron Low (coach), Randy Lee (assistant coach)
  • Team White: Ray Emery, Wade Redden, Christoph Schubert, Joe Corvo, Brian McGrattan, Jason Spezza, Antoine Vermette, Anton Volchenkov, Randy Robitaille, Patrick Eaves, Cody Bass, Nick Foligno, Greg Carvel (coach), Tim Pattyson (assistant coach)

CONTEST: Since neither Ben nor I can get to the Sens Super Skills Competition, we're running a contest: The best Sens Super Skills recap will get the writer a wicked JASON SPEZZA POSTER (see right; it's about 24" by 18"). E-mail entries to Entry deadline: Tuesday, February 12, 2008. Entries cannot be published on another blog and then recycled here; that's just not cool. Entries may be edited for grammar or length, but probably won't be. Only entries from Canada will be accepted (unless you want to pay shipping yourself). I'll announce the winner (if anyone enters) on Wednesday or something like that. Good luck to everyone!
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