Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sens get Lapointe

According to TSN the Sens have acquired Martin Lapointe from the Blackhawks for a sixth-round draft pick.

It seems they're really going for an older, more gritty, version of the team this season. Bryan Murray helped build the Ducks, so I'm going to give him so credit. The Sens didn't give up any roster player to get Lapointe, who is unrestricted at the end of the season. Let's hope this doesn't make the team too Leafs-ish, with older, gritty, slow players. Lapointe has only 7 points in 51 games this year.

More from TSN:

Matt Barnaby: "Marty Lapointe is going to go into that dressing room to a team that needs him desperately..He's not the Marty Lapointe of old, but he's a winner and a leader. That's why they got him..He's not going to play 20 minutes a night for Ottawa, but he's going to help in that locker room."

...isn't that why the Sens got Richardson and Donovan?
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