Thursday, March 29, 2007

Injuries finally catching up to the Senators?

Reports are coming out of that Dany Heatley may miss Friday's game against Montreal due to an ankle injury. This will seriously hurt his Drive For Five-ty. Mind-you, in the big picture, it's better that he be injured now and be prepared for the playoffs.

In more painful news, Patrick Eaves got a puck right in the ol' bag of pucks the other night against Boston. With Redden missing the last game, it seems that the Senators will have to call in at least one of their reservists. That mens that Oleg 'freakin' Saprykin will have to strap on the skates for Friday.

This has got to be Oleg's last chance to show that he's a playoff player. If he shows nothing tomorrow night then you might as well wrap him in bubble-wrap and ship him to his next team right now.

...and as much as it pains me to say this, it must be said: The Senators need Wade Redden. Ottawa has won only 6 of the 18 games that he has not played.

And I want to do a live blog for the Senators' second-last regular season game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. So if you're watching that game on Thursday, April 5th, then log on to this website and watch me (and hopefully my friends) comment in (almost) real time as the game occurs. Should be fun!
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