Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Phillips' New Deal

Sens defenseman (and former #1 overall pick) Chris Phillips is reportedly about to sign a new deal with the Ottawa Senators for around $3.5 - 4 million per year.

Admittedly, he is having a good year, playing as the stay-at-home defenseman he was always meant to be - even chipping in a few goals just for fun. I wouldn't mind him sticking around, but on the same note, I would not mind seeing him leave!

One good (not great!) year does not make him a $3 million defenseman. Right now, I would say Anton Vochenkov is more valuable to our team - he does the same as Phillips, but for a fraction of the price, and he even body-checks people.

I think this signing is simply a lack of creativity on the part of John Muckler. Not only does it show through at trade deadlines, but now Muck's lack of creativity is in the signings as well. Trading Phillips is one deal that could have been made at the deadline to strengthen the team and dump an average, and soon-to-be overpaid, player.

On a more positive note, the sens take to the ice tonight to take on the Pittsburg Penguins. It should be a great indication of how the teams will fare against each other in the playoffs. Patrick Eaves is likely back in the game. For his sake, I hope he does something noticeable, or he may not see the ice again this month.

I have had enough of mediocrity. I hope Muckler is saying the same.
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