Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mid-game Blues

Currently tied 2 - 2, the sens are playing a hard fought game. Normally, this is good - except they're playing one of the worst teams in the league. The Blues sold most of their good players at the trade deadline for a bag of pucks, and due to injuries they are playing with minor-league defensemen.

Mike Fisher is having another kickass game (through the power of Jesus), and is leading the sens right now in face off percentage. Plus, he scored a short-handed goal.

Speaking of short-handed goals, I've gotta give a shout-out to Antoine Vermette, who just scored a short-handed goal himself. We should really take more penalties.

Where are Spezza and Heatley tonight? I guess when the 2nd and 3rd line are stealing the spotlight, someone has to be left out. They are coming off very impressive 15+ game scoring streaks, so we should cut them a little slack.

Gerber is playing pretty well, including recently saving a goal that was in the net! That's impressive.

Oleg Saprykin is playing in this game, but has been pretty invisible - I guess that's why he doesn't play very often. Eaves is sitting - would I rather have him on this ice? ...maybe.

I fully expect the Senators to prevail, and if they do not... then I suppose I will have to eat my own delicious words. Alphaghetti anyone?
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