Saturday, March 3, 2007

Redundant 2 Exciting

Now I full-well realize the purpose of such a place is to discuss issues relevant the Senators, however in the spirit of not boring anyone I am not going to talk about a notion that, frankly, has become over advertised and just down right redundant over the past few months, that of course being the Ottawa Senators winning.

No no, lucky for you I won't drone on about how great the Sens are, about the mounds of talent we have nor about my hatred for Wade Redden and Joe Corvo... all of which have been expressed to death. Instead I am going to VERY briefly touch on a subject that, in all reality, NEVER gets old and is in fact possibly more exciting than watching Ottawa win night after night.

In short...

The Toronto Maple Leafs are going to miss the playoffs.... Again.

Let me leave you with a random picture I found on the internet and could possibly be breaking international copyright laws by reproducing here (as it seems that is what people do on these online internet ranting sites), not to fear as the site is under Ben's name and I will gladly provide the RCMP with his address.

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