Monday, March 12, 2007

Road Trip to TO for a little OT

Toronto: The Land of wasted Dreams.

It turns out that the whole world is warmer than Ottawa at any given time. If you get on the highway and drive in ANY direction, the temperature rises. Arriving in Toronto was nice, as the weather reached 8 degrees on our first day in the city.

My father and I parked downtown and went to the hockey hall of fame. Where, strangely, a side door was open and we just walked right in. We thought we were in the lobby... but they don't keep the Stanley Cup in the lobby - so it turns out we waltzed directly into an exhibit. Since we were so fortunate, we decided to take advantage of it and look through the place. My first time to the HHOF was cool, but probably not worth the $12 they would have charged us.

We checking into the hotel then went to the game, proudly displaying our Senators jerseys.

We had some pretty sweet seats. Walking through the ACC, we saw a fairly large contingent of Senators fans - they often wanted to be loud and proudly show their colours. We never got overly harassed by Leaf fans, most of it came after the game, and it was only a light ribbing. So not too bad - good on ya Leafers.

We were in the Senators' end, so we saw those awesome saves by Emery in the first period, as well as that wicked off-the-draw shot by Heatley (my dad missed it). Unfortunately, that also means that the third period collapse, as well as the overtime goal was right in our faces.

Overall, good trip, bad result.

It's hard dispute that Toronto is the hockey capital of the world. They have everything a hockey fan could want in that town (except a strong hockey team). Check out the Leafs TV - filming right in the ACC. Jody "didn't you used to be on Sportsnet?" Vance was flirting with this guy beside me, I guess your standards drop with your ratings (burn!).

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