Monday, March 19, 2007

Murray's Doghouse is more of a deep, dark pit

There is no escaping the doghouse of Brian Murray - and no one is safe. It's sometime like a black hole. Think of the players have had to deal with the malice of Murray:

Tyler Arnason - Playing 19 games for the sens last year, Arnason had 4 points. Murray scratched him for the entire playoffs.

Oleg Saprykin - correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this player was brought in TO PLAY. If Muckler thought the sens needed an asset that would have no effect on their game, then they would have kept the 2nd round pick! In 6 games with the sens this season, "Freakin" Saprykin has 2 points - what did the coach expect? He's not a point-per-game player, Oleg a third-liner.

Mike Comrie - One player now dragging himself out of Murray's doghouse is Mike Comrie, who has 4 points in the sens' last 3 games. He was getting used to being benched in the 3rd period, but recently has been playing 10+ minutes per game. Good on ya Mikey - just ask Martin Gerber how hard it is to get a second chance with this coach.

I think all this points to a philosophical disconnect between Muckler as GM and Murray as coach. Muckler brings in players that don't fit with Murray's style - with what Murray believes this team needs. All this should fuel speculation that one of these men won't return to the team next year - Murray has yet to receive an extension on his contract for next year.

Is this the end of the Murray/Muckler tandem? I suppose it depends on how far the sens go in the playoffs - and I would not bet my job on that factor. Let me hear what you think.


And a big THANK YOU to Sens Underground for the shout out! I practically fell out of my chair when I was listening to the podcast at work today. I gotta add them to the side bar - and send them an email - and give them a call - and listen to their show live... they just kick ass.
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